Rebekah Nagy

E-RYT 500+

Yoga, movement, and somatic practices have shaped my life, teaching me the power of my own presence, attention, adaptability, and resilience. These changes in my self-conception are an ever-unfolding surprise, and should be available to everyone. Being part of the Connective means aligning my vocation with conscious ways of organizing ourselves collectively, supporting teachers with a living wage and offering students better quality instruction, as we divest ourselves of oppressive structures which have had their time.

As a teacher, my project is to keep getting really clear about how the language we use carries hidden assumptions about our bodies from societal values of hierarchy, mechanization, and dualism. Teaching is itself a practice, and I create a clear container in which my students may have their own experiences, so that I may meet each of them in their individuality. I ground suggestions of spirituality in present-moment-felt-experience and whole-body inquiry, the material from which all spiritual practice is emergent. My passion is resting in the space of inquiry together, rather than in needing to know or have all of the answers.

I live off-grid in the Sierra Foothills, where my partner and I abide by regenerative farming principles. We grow some of our staple food and raise chickens, ducks, and geese, and share our home with four amazing cats.