Paige Gottheim

200, 500 E-RYT

Underneath our coverings (koshas in yoga terminology) we share a fundamental commonality: we are made of a body, spirit and mind and these elements are components of a whole self. It is that simple truth that informs my philosophy of teaching embodied movement. My goal of my yoga classes is to get people feeling into their bodies’, to notice and witness their experience with each breath. This deep physical awareness acts as a conduit to our spiritual and emotional selves, revealing what’s buried and ultimately allowing it space to be expressed.

I started teaching yoga over a decade ago and have since imparted lessons to students of all ages and abilities. I am known for my mindful, comprehensible and compassionate teaching, helping people appreciate the joys of an embodied life. My language is precise and accessible leaving plenty of room for silence, exploration and self-connection within a solid container.

I joined the Connective to be part of a rad group of seasoned instructors who talk the talk and walk the walk of ahimsa (non-harming) and lead with authenticity. It’s simple, it’s yoga in action, and the wellness community does not have enough of it.