Jen SanMiguel

200, 500 RYT

I am constantly awed by the breadth of knowledge and experience my fellow teacher/owners at the Connective bring to the table. More than that, the level of passion, thoughtfulness, and care that each person here at the Connective offers to our community of students, and to each other, makes me so proud to be a member of this community. And it makes me want to do and be better.

I fell in love with yoga in part because I felt supported and seen by a community of practitioners. One of my heartbreaking revelations over the years was that not every aspiring yogi- particularly women of color like me- had access to yoga communities who looked like them, who saw them, loved and supported them. If I can make even one student feel like they belong exactly as they show up, I’ve had a good day.

I bring no expectations of my students to the room, except to breathe and be present, and we’ll work the rest out together. My classes are places of discovery, recovery and uncovering who we truly are. My particular focus is on storytelling and mythology to get to the heart of what it means to have this human experience. But like also, not so serious! Come to my class and we’re going to have some laughs! And cats. There are always cats.