Jan O’Connell-Shah

500 RYT, Pilates all apparatus, FRC

I like to explore and teach functional movements that help us move through everyday life. I’m grateful to be part of this community of teachers that share a common bond toward not only physical well-being but mental well being.

I teach a combination of movement modalites – yoga, pilates, & FRC. As a mover for over 20 years & teacher for 10 I’ve trained in many ways. Through practice, I’ve learned we need more than one movement modality to meet our needs. Our bodies crave & benefit from different types of movement practices to build capacity, endurance, resilience, in addition to strength & mobility.

In class with me, you can expect to talk about anatomy. BUT what we won’t talk about is creating the perfect shape, alignment, or me telling you NOT to do something that feels right for you. I will encourage you to explore what works for your body & not take moving too seriously. Let’s just move together!

My Pugs Bear & Sophie love to do “drive-by’s” during class. They are avid movers, especially when they sprint to the kitchen for feeding time.