Caitlin Casella


I believe that everybody can access simple tools for increasing strength, mobility, and physical endurance. Given the right stimulus, we build capacity for doing more in life. I’m honored to be a part of The Connective, a community serving those who may not be fully seen, heard, or supported by mainstream fitness.

After a 14 year career teaching yoga and mentoring yoga teachers, I’m now a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Through this transition, I experienced firsthand how beneficial strength training can be—not only on a physical level—but mentally, for emotional stability, pain management, and a confidence boost that extends beyond physical endeavours. I operate from an antifragile stance, one that views the human body as robust, adaptable, and resilient.

My group classes draw inspiration from functional strength and mobility, developmental movement, somatics, yoga, self-massage, and conscious relaxation. Students appreciate the variety, self-inquiry, autonomy, and unfussiness my teaching provides. Watch out for cat cameos (and stunts) in my live classes and videos! Cleo and Loki love to join us for practice.