Inquiry, Strength, Yoga All-Access Monthly: 2 live classes per week Avita teaches to spark inquiry and connect the mental activity […]

Pilates, Alignment, Myofascial Release All-Access Monthly: 1 live class per week Never the same class twice, Gail’s classes are meticulous […]

Pilates, Mobility, Strength All-Access Monthly: 1 live class per week + video library Jan likes to explore and teach functional […]

Restorative Yoga, Strength, Introspection  All-Access Monthly: 3 live classes per week Integrating yoga, somatics, restorative techniques, and meditation, Jocelyn’s classes […]

Vinyasa, Somatics, Myofascial Care Single Class Monthly: 1 new live class with replay each month Rebekah’s teaching reflects enthusiastic wonder […]